Xpress Foto Copyright Explaination
Copyright / Use of Images

Xpress Foto images are Copyrighted and we retain all rights to their use. Federal Copyright Laws prohibit duplication of any of these images by printing labs, copiers and especially digital scanners. Click here for more on Piracy if your want to learn more about copyright.

You must have written permission to use our images for any purpose, no exceptions. We have separated the uses into two categories, Personal and Commercial. If you have any questions about your particular requirment, please contact us here

We require the following for all uses:
1. The credit line that reads either "©Photo by L. Chaudoir-Nye of Xpress Foto" or "Photo courtesy of Xpress Foto" on personal websites.
2. The image(s) and credit line must link to our web site. www.xpressfoto.com for any website use
3. We must be sent 2 copies of the publication if in a publication, or the web site address to the location where the image(s) are being used. This must be completed within two weeks of the distribution of the publication or displaying on the website.

Violating or omitting any of our requirements is a violation of our copyright and subject to heavy penalties in addition to any legal fees we will incur to enforce our copyrights.

Personal use: defined as use in a publication(s) or on a personal website to illustrate your personal achievements, not for sale or promotion, where you are not paying for the article to be included, will not cost you anything other than a $20 tranmittal fee if you request we send a properly sized file to the publication or webmaster.. Written permission is still required.. Click here for the Personal Use Release form.

Commercial use: defined as using any of our images to promote your business, sell products or animals, or advertise breeding services constitutes a commercial use that does require written permission (a signed Release form from us) and payment of the appropriate Usage Fee. The fees are based upon the actual usage, so you are only paying for what you need and therefore, keeping the prices lower. Commercial Use Release form

In summary, prior to any use, you must submit to us the appropriate usage form and payment if required and have recieved the written permission before using any of our images for any purpose .