Xpress Foto uses the latest technology and years of experience to bring the best in photography and service to every event that we do.

      We specialize in photographing action, sports & special events with an emphasis on equestrian and canine events.

      We have several great and experienced photographers and have up to 60 viewing stations for viewing the images immediately after the action happens. We also have the capabilitiy of making the prints right onsite so the participants can take them home with them.

      The instant gratification makes the photographs one of the most exciting aspects of any event.

      We also post all of our photos on our website after the show which is also a fun & relaxing way to view and re-order your favorite photos!

       We would love to hear from you about having Xpress Foto attend your next special event.

       If you would like for us to contact you about covering your event, click here to Contact us. It will take you to a form that provides a way for you to give us your information so we can help you and your event.