Xpress Foto Image Posting Request Form
    We are requiring a $25 per horse prepayment to upload all the images from a single show for a single horse for two weeks.
    The $25 per horse prepayment is non-refundable nor in any way transferrable and may only be applied towards the order from that show for that horse.
    You will recieve an email with a link to the larger images once they are loaded.
    The order for prints or individual files must be placed using the Xpress Foto Print and File Order Form, or an order for all the image files must be placed using the Xpress Foto CD and All Files Order Form to receive credit for the amount paid.

  1. This will be the email the confirmation request details and the link for the proofs will sent.are sent

  2. Please input exactly as shown on card, no dashes, and double check the numbers please

  3. Visa and MC 3 digits on back, Discover 4 digits on front
  4. All images remain the property of Xpress Foto. The linking to, downloading, copying, scanning, photographing or any other unauthorized use of our images is subject to copyright laws that provide for large fines, prison time plus legal expenses. We do pursue violators aggressively.

    If any of our images are found to have been stolen and used on any social networking service, sale ad or any other non-commercial use without proper permission, the perpetrator will be charged $100 per image, or more, plus any fees or expenses incurred in collecting the debt.

    We aggressively pursue violators.

  5. If you do not accept, the request will be deleted.

  6. Tax will be added to all orders